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Last shelter survival beginner’s guide to get Gems and Gold Coins – Updated 2019


Last shelter Survival Guide for all the starters of this game who want excel in the game: it has all you need tips, strategies and cheats to get rid of the zombies

Last shelter Survival has the ability to surround the player in a way that he completely gets involved into it because of its base building strategy. It works on android and on iOS devices.

In long tech network’s new mobile title you are the boss, you are the commander of one of the left over shelters for the mankind in a world that has been occupied by the ones who somehow left alive. Your aim in this should be to make your base in this developing town which is full of survivors .How you will do this? First and foremost you have to provide basic needs of the survivors. Water and food is the most important and most basic need that will bring all the survivors to your basic mean every survivor is first looking for water and food more than anything.

The more number of survival you have on your base, the stronger the base you are going to have. The next step after providing food and water is protection of your base and that you will do by training them to how to fight.

You will also be keeping an eye on new and latest technology which is needed for the progress. It is not always going to be all good for your shelter which is in world where everyone is trying to survive and fighting for their lives against zombies. Other players in Last Shelter Survival are also going to attack your coffers as soon as your shields are down

Last Shelter Survival Hack

Hack are always in form of in-game money which requires at some levels to unlock other interesting features or options in Shelter Survival which you can purchase with real currency.

Last Shelter Survival can be downloaded from the App Store for free, but a beta invite is required to play.

Here is list of all legal ways to get unlimited Gems and Gold Coins FREE LAST SHELTER SURVIVAL, this is the only way which is confirmed by gaming personal.

  1. Keep Your Building Organize
  2. Use Task Shortcuts
  3. Join an Active Alliance
  4. Work with Your Allies
  5. Look For Supply Crates
  6. Turn Up the Stereo
  7. Send Your Troops Marching
  8. Keep a Check on Your Mails
  9. Manage Your Heroes
  10. Participation in the Events to Get the Rewards
  11. Things You Need to do Before You Reach Level 6
  12. Select the Right Class
  13. Create an IM30 Account
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Method 1. Keep Your Building Organize:

Being the commander of the game you have all the authorities to make the layout of structure at your base anywhere but always remember you will not be able to make your building fully if you don’t have the roads that leads towards your chosen area.

A road icon will pop up on the top of your construction location to give you a reminder that you need to build roads which will complete you building construction. All you need is to tap on the pop up icon and game will itself give you the road map for the construction of the road that will lead you towards your construction site. Just click OK button and boom! Your road is ready.

All you need is to pay little attention to the fact that game will not always come up with the best suggestion when it comes to laying the road. Sometimes it can provide a more complicated and longer path that twist around many buildings. So use your brains in order to find simplest and shortest path. Shortest and simplest road map will reduce the time of the trucks to reach their desired location. If you have roads that are not smartly put together, it is going to take forever for the trucks to reach at the buildings. Try to make roads before, even if you have very less building structures.

You can move around the most of the buildings from one place to another by just tapping and holding. One structure that cannot be moved is resource building. All your resource buildings should be located very next to harvesting area

Method 2. Use Task Shortcuts:


Last shelter Survival gives a shortcut button for almost every task you need to complete. During the tutorials chapters, every item in your goal list will have a button alongside that will on its own takes you to the menu where task is performed. When you are advancing a building but some of the essential conditions are not fulfilled, all you have to do is the tap on the button next to the requirement you are lacking to automatically go there.

Method 3. Join an Active Alliance:

Joining an active Alliance is one of the first things you need to do. If you are not able to pick one that comes in the list of Alliances, you can simple click on the Quick join button that is appearing at the bottom of the page.

Method 4. Work with Your Allies:


After entering the Alliance menu, claim your alliance wages. There you can claim your rewards for being active. A red dot indicates when there are available rewards or important events. After making sure you are in the right Alliance, you can use free Teleport that you can get after joining the alliance

Method 5. Look For Supply Crates:

Always look for free supplies in the game. All the free supplies can help you a lot in the game. Whenever your truck are free, try to find crates. Tap on the crates to have one of your trucks drive there and pickup free supplies. It is not very time taking just be sure that your depot is not full before taking up the free supplies

Method 6. Turn Up the Stereo:


On the lower left side of your base there is a big stereo system with a play button on it. Tap on it and it will start playing loud music that will charm zombies. Your troops will then attack the coming zombies.

Zombies that will be attacked down by the stereo will drop money and after this there will be a crate icon that will pop up on the stereo. Tap it to claim a supply crate of money. After claiming your gift you will see the stereo is stopped for some time. It could be few minutes. Turn it up as many times as you want to win money

Method 7. Keep a Check on Your Mails:

You will be notify via mail. Some of them are important announcements or information. You get your rewards also in the mail after completing at ask. Checking mail is also important because some of the rewards are available for short span of time and if you don’t collect it in time, it will expire and get wasted.

A red dot appearing on the mail icon indicates a new message. If you are waiting for are ward and cannot find it anywhere, the chances are it is present in your mail box

Method 8. Send Your Troops Marching:


By tapping on the World button on the lower right corner of your screen, you will be taken to the world map. Here you will see the surrounding the bases, resources, zombies. To experience any of these things you have to send your troops for marching .Initially you will have only one group available for march but as you progress, you will be able to send for different tasks. Key is that you keep sending your troops out to gather the experience and resources

Method 9. Manage Your Heroes:

Initially in the game you will have only one hero .You have to assign him as the leader of your troops. After the progress in the game you will have more heroes’ .You need to construct the building station, so you can assign them to different jobs. Each hero has its own specialization and skills and should be assigned to related task

Method 10. Participation in the Events to Get the Rewards:


In the upper right area of your screen is a gift icon. Tap it to enter the event page. There you will find a list of ongoing and upcoming events. Be a part of these events to get all the amazing rewards. It includes resources and diamonds, the premium currency of the game. Daily challenges are easy and you should always do it to increase the power of your base. Also take up the event task. Once you meet the goals of an event, you will automatically get the rewards .Keep looking at your mail if you cannot find them in your inventory

Method 11. Things You Need to do Before You Reach Level 6:

When you upgrade your base to level 6, you will lose your beginner’s protection. Other players in the game will be able to attack on you. You need to do take a lot safety measures and preparations before losing your protection. Check the build menu by tapping on the hammer icon on the lower right side of the screen. Build all the available structure. On the other hand you need to continue training a lot of troops. Once you are done with all the work related to upgrades, structure, or research this is the time for you to move to base six. Without proper preparations moving to base level six will leave you exposed to the attackers and you will have a lot of difficulty in protecting yourself.

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Method 12. Select the right Class:

Once you are done with the tutorial quest, you will be able to choose a class. There are three classes in the games: farmer, rider and trader. Each has its on pros and cons. Framers deal with the production of resources. Raiders focus on military power. Traders focus on money .Make sure to read the description of each class before you pick one. In the start stick to the farmer class. This is the safest way. You will have depot protection and you can survive without having to raid other players. If you want to play aggressively you can totally do that and be a raider. Feel free to play however you want to and what’s suits the best to your playing style. If you have chosen the wrong class or want to change it you have to wait until level 10 which will allow to change your class free

Method 13. Create an IM30 Account:

When you exit last shelter: survival, you will see a button that will allow you to connect IM30 account. Tap to create an account. You will need an email account and a password for it. Next you need to confirm you mailing id and your game is connected to the account. It will secure your game and able you to recover it in case you have reset your phone or moved to another device other than that it has an added plus point that you can win 100 diamonds just for creating an account on IM30

Building an ultimate base is a crucial task in this world. Be very sure you take help from our last shelter: survival tips, cheats and strategies.



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